The Clean Team LA was founded in 2013 by a Los Angeles native and military Veteran. Our company philosophy was established on our love for this city and desire to help our local community.


    We not only strive to provide the best cleaning service to our clients, but we also partner with local non-profit organizations to help military veterans get back to work. We’re also not just about cleaning, we are community conscious and dedicated to helping the veteran population in Los Angeles County.

Helping the local veteran community

Los Angeles has the biggest homeless veteran population in the nation. Los Angeles also has one of the lowest rates of sheltering the homeless compared to other major cities like New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco. That means thousands of homeless veterans are left without a roof over their head and no jobs.

According to a press release from the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System in May 2018, Los Angeles County saw an 18 percent decline in veteran homelessness compared to 2017. But the work is far from done. Many veterans are still struggling to find jobs and homes, while battling PTSD and other disabilities.

The Clean Team LA is dedicated to helping veterans obtain jobs that get them back on their feet-- and back into permanent housing. We may play a small role in solving this big problem, but we hope to inspire the community of Los Angeles to come together and support this cause. We thank you for supporting U.S. military veterans and helping to make a difference in your local community.

Pictured: Operations Manager Willie Searcy (US Marines) and Founder/CEO Eric Turner (US Coast Guard) of The Clean Team LA work closely with local non-profit organizations to connect military veterans with work opportunities.




  1. Westside Coalition -- Community Support Award

    For Work with Homeless Veterans

  2. New Directions for Veterans -- Certificate of Appreciation

    For providing work opportunities for Veterans enrolled in the Homeless Veteran Rehabilitation Program (HVRP)